Solar App


Solar App Overview

SolarApp is a practical mobile app for solar PV energy enthusiasts and professionals that can estimate your energy and monetary savings for a specific solar array turbine based on your local location and installation orientation.

The key feature of SolarApp is that a user can save solar PV scenarios as a Profile to include your location, an installer, electric rate and incentives. Once completed, your Annual Energy Production (AEP), cost savings, and payback are determined for you.

Creating a profiles requires 5 steps:

  • Name Your Profile (1/5)
  • Pick a Location (2/5)
  • Pick an Installer (3/5)
  • Determine Your Electric Rate (4/5)
  • Determine Your Incentives (5/5)


And users can have as many Profiles as they like!



Your Solar Resource

SolarApp will determine the solar isolation based on your location.

It will also determine your annual electric energy generated and the annual monetary savings, as well as tell you how long it will take to pay your money back.



Find a Solar Installer

SolarApp includes a listing of installers and their phone and email if they are members. Iinstallers can have their information updated at anytime and these updates are automatically uploaded to all the mobile app users, without the need to for the user to update the app itself.



Estimate Your Solar Needs

To get an idea of the number and size of solar panels that might work for you, input your:

  • Location
    Solar insolation will be calculated base on your location which is automatically determine
  • Annual energy need (kWh)
    Input your average electric use or the amount of electric power you wish to produce
    • Panel Efficiency  (%)
      Panel efficiency can vary from 10 to one 20%. Check out the installer's offerings to get a sense of what is available






If you are a company that sells and installs solar PV and would like to become part of the SolarApp community with visibility to users around the world, stay tuned as we move forward and open up this possibility!





SolarApp is not yet available on the iTunes app and Android stores.

But we are working on it!!!  Stay tuned!


  • Credit:

    Image courtesy Roberta DiPasquale, Surface Meteorology and Solar Energy Project, NASA Langley Research Center, and the ISCCP Project