WindApp Overview


WindApp is a FREE mobile app (iOS and Android) for wind energy enthusiasts and professionals that can estimate your energy and monetary savings for a specific wind turbine based on your local wind resource.

Features such as built in mapping with your GPS location and the ability to add a customized wind PDF gives users the ability to account for local terrain and wind distributions. Default average wind speeds use a Rayleigh wind distribution.

Wind turbines listed are from manufacturers who are members of the WindApp community and direct links are available to their websites for more information. Manufacturers can provide very detailed information on the turbine specifications as well as costs and whether they are certified or not.

Electric rate data is based on the US EIA database however users may choose to input a specific rate themselves. Rebates and/or incentives discount are listed by state but separate values can also be applied.




Scan the QR code to the right with your mobile device to get the download links directly for iOS and Android or click on the Download tab on this page.


Many thanks to Jack of Trade Apps for their programming! Check them out!


Create Custom Profiles


WindApp guides the user through the process of creating a Profile to include your location, wind speed data, turbine choice, electric rate and incentives. Once completed, your Annual Energy Production (AEP), cost savings, and payback are determined for you.

Users can have as many Profiles as they like. Creating a profiles requires 6 steps:


Name Your Profile (1/6)

Pick a Location (2/6)

Determine Your Wind Data (3/6)

Pick a Wind Turbine (4/6)

Determine Your Electric Rate (5/6)

Determine Your Incentives (6/6)


WindApp will then determine your annual electric energy generated and the annual monetary savings, as well as tell you how long it will take to pay your money back.


Find a Turbine Installer


WindApp also includes a listing of installers and their phone and email if they are members.

Manufacturers and installers can have their information updated at anytime and these updates are automatically uploaded to all the mobile app users, without the need to for the user to update the app itself.


Estimate Your Turbine Size


To get an idea of the size of turbine that might work for you, input your:

  • Average wind speed (meters/second)
    Input your average wind speed or tap the location icon to get it automatically. (1.0 mph=0.447 m/s)
  • Elevation (meters) 
    Input your elevation or tap the location icon to get it automatically. (1.0 m = 3.28 ft)
  • Annual energy need (kWh)
    Input your average electric use or the amount of electric power you wish to produce
  • Turbine Efficiency
    Select the turbine efficiency. Small turbines range from 25-40%. Large turbines exceed 50%

WindApp will estimate the rated power required (@ 11 m/s), the turbine diameter size and suggest the turbine category to find a turbine.




Becoming a WindApp member puts you in front of millions of customers who are actively searching for alternative energy solutions. WindApp is a worldwide directory of turbine manufacturers and installers, allowing users to see how a solution can be provided to them based on their location.

Benefits include:

  • In-app visibility of your products and services
  • Links for consumers to find your business
  • Direct call and website links
  • Direct emails to which consumers can attach their WindApp Profiles

If you are a company that creates wind energy products or a turbine installer and would like to become part of the WindApp community with visibility to users around the world, please fill out the appropriate form from the links below.

Join the WindApp community today!


Wind Links


Looking for more information?

Check out the Wind Links page to find the latest on what is happening in wind energy!




There are several aspects to WindApp to help you understand your wind energy potential such as creating profiles, estimating your turbine size and finding an Installer. You can even email an Installer your profile to get started !  

In the coming weeks we will be publishing a series of videos to help you navigate WindApp and get the most out of your FREE app on how wind energy can work for you.


To watch a short informational video explaining how to modify WindApp profiles, please click here. (This will open in a new window)



WindApp is FREE (with NO annoying ads!) and available for the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch on the App Store and for Android devices on Google Play!

If you have any suggestions to make WindApp more useful or you would like to contact the developers, feel free to drop us a line. Thanks!


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